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The Journey To A Billion In Sales

Sep 18, 2017

Check out the journey's timeline here.     Transcript: Hey people, how are you? This is KhaazRa. My second episode to this unnamed show that I'm starting. Podcast, which has a video version to it. So I'm just coming from my office in ... Where's my office at? This building ... Where's my finger at? Right above me. Big tall building. Super freaking tired, but I'm on my way to the gym. Worked quite a bit this past week. A lot, probably ... It's probably not a good thing to brag about, but I almost want to say like 80 hours or so in a week's time. It'll be like another 20 on the weekend. I even slept in the office on Sunday night. Figured I was there so long, heck, just lay on the floor and catch some Zs. Definitely nothing to brag about. Who wants to just work, work, work, work, work? But sometimes you have to do that. You got to put those ... You got to sacrifice now. I know we've heard this before, but I think it's being drowned out by the new get-rich programs that basically say you can make a million dollars in a year, six months, just buy this program. Well, I have purchased some of those programs. Yep, I did. And none of them have gotten me any money so far. I haven't gotten rich off of any of them. Thank goodness I actually had a business, one that was pre-existing. But it doesn't mean the information is not good at all; it just means I have to put more time into it, obviously, and it's not as it's advertised. If you market anything properly and you advertise it properly, you can make people feel how you want them to feel. Doesn't mean that your product is good. The other thing is that it's easy to get business, especially first time out. Being able to sell something is not difficult at all. Being able to keep a client, that is. Because many of those programs, I probably won't ever buy anything from them again. I know one in particular, I'll never buy anything from them again ever, because the product was a 10K, a one day event for 10K. No one but the freaking person who teaches it knows anything. None of the staff members can hardly answer a question about it. Not a lot of benefit in it besides the money you paid them. Those kind of programs, I don't think they're a benefit, to be honest with you. But who am I? I'm just a client. Anyway, the topic of today's message is communication. Prior, the program that I had my first podcast program, I spoke about getting your ideas out there, living your life, living your dream, starting your business, whatever it is you want to do, now. Not waiting til you feel like you've made it or you're ready. You don't need to have an extra degree. And this isn't just for an online business; this is for brick and mortar, whatever it may be. A lot of times we don't feel adequate enough. Honestly, you know what, I don't even know where the hell I'm going. Hopefully I'm going the right way. But we don't feel adequate enough because we don't have the certifications or maybe we don't feel like we have the technical know-how or we don't have all the pieces to the puzzle. But you don't always need that: How do you put a puzzle together? You definitely don't just start ... You just don't like put it together in a second. You open the box, the pieces are scattered. I think they're scattered; hopefully they are for this analogy, right? And you throw them on the floor, a hard surface, and you begin to piece it together, one by one. And many times, at least in our case, my partner and I's case, we put it together, piece by piece, and today, we have a full-fledged business that does over $60,000,000 per month in sales revenue. 60 million. And we did this, that's almost a billion dollars per year, no loans, no venture capital, no financiers, no mastermind groups, no mentors, and I'm not bragging or saying that these ... The 10K thing that I did, I just recently did, that we already had the business to 58 million or 59 million. I just did this maybe a few months ago. But the reason I mention this to you is not to brag or not to discredit anything that anyone else does out there, but it just goes to show you that you don't need that to get where you're going. You can always get those groups and join up with them at a later time, and honestly, I really wish that we had mentors and certain mastermind groups that specialize in our industry that we could actually have patronize or purchase their products. We didn't, but we didn't have the money either. Sometimes you have to be "in those circles," know the right people, and sometimes, even if you do have the money, you're not going to get what you actually need. They may sell you their product; it doesn't mean the product is for you, or a good fit, or it's going to give you the information you need for your business. Anyway, that was the first program. If you want to listen to it, you can always go back, check it out. So today, what we're going to discuss is communication. Communication: The one thing I've found in my years of experience is that the way you are in life, that's the way you are in life. What I mean by that is, if you're like that on a personal level, you're like that in your business as well. Let's say you an arrogant person, you're going to be arrogant in business. Let's say you're a person who's dishonest; you're going to be like that in business. Let's say you are a person who does not communicate well; you will not communicate well in business, which will frickin' cripple you, unless you have someone else who does the communicating for you, and it's probably best for you to remove yourself from needing to communicate. It's really not a good thing for your business at all. So hopefully, you can remove yourself, drop your ego, and just step back and allow someone else to do the communicating for you. You're going to hear cars; I'm outside. Just a little bit. [inaudible 00:08:25]. That'd be an interesting video. In our business, we deal with other business all day long; that's our bread and butter. We go and we walk into a business. When I say "we," the sales consultant, or myself. It could be a small, medium, or large business. You build rapport, you win them over with your charms, you find out what kind of issue or problem they have, and then you say, "Listen." The problem in most cases is, "How can you help my business save money? How you can you help my business be more efficient?" But you don't just walk in and start talking, "There's a cost for the product, blah blah blah blah blah." And you don't just walk in and start rambling off numbers. You won't get the business like that. You definitely have to build the rapport. But the point here, my point here is that ... Oh my god, I really think I'm lost now, for sure. Very interesting. My point here ... Oh my god. I am lost. The point here is this, and I know I've said like three times: If you can't communicate well, and I don't mean communicate on the level of, you walk in the door, you get the business, you say whatever needs to be said, which is what most sales consultants do. They say whatever they think the client wants to hear. They get the business, and then you don't freaking hear from them again. That's not good business, and that happens in relationships too. This is not a discussion on relationships, but it does happen, where going, you see a lovely beautiful woman, she's attractive, she's attracted to you, and you say all the beautiful things that you think she wants to hear, and you do everything that needs to be done: You're courteous, you're kind; she says, "Will you do this?" "Yes, yes, yes. Yes, I'll do that." "Will you do that?" "Yes, yes, I'll do that as well." And then once the magic happens, or after the magic happens, rather, you become a ghost. And this happens in business as well, and honestly, it's a freaking headache. It's an absolute headache, and you lose so much money like that. You lose so much trust like that. Hell, I really think I'm lost. I've never been this way before. Didn't even know you could go this way. This'll be frickin' interesting. But you lose so much business like that. Even in our business: We're not a perfect business; we have sales consultants who operate like that, unfortunately, and you have to basically ... It's like reconnaissance. It's almost like, you see a movie sometimes, there's war, there's casualties. And then you'll see ... Is it Red Cross? I don't know who the hell does it. Medics or whatever, they go by and they pick up the remaining body parts, try to take care of the wounded. Oh my god, I think I'm frickin' lost. It takes so much time to do that. You think about all the casualties, and the casualties can be business clients. Hey buddy, I'm sorry. Can you get to [inaudible 00:12:27] fitness that way? I'm sorry, a 24 hour? Speaker 2:           24 hours, yeah. Speaker 1:           You can go this way? Speaker 2:           Go all the way down to the lights, make a right. Speaker 1:           Okay, thank you. Yep, see, this is real live frickin' video, isn't that what you want? This is live, baby. So anyway, you lose a lot of business like that. I'm sorry, I was quite distracted for the last two minutes as well, just wondering, I'd never been over here before. It takes so much money; let's say advertising dollars, marketing, staff, hourly, manpower, etc. etc. to obtain clientele. It does take time, money; it takes resources to do that. Your sales consultant can blow all of that in a month, a day, a week, by simply being unavailable or not answering the phone. These are nice houses. Then also, that same sale could be blown by your staff inside as well by not communicating. So imagine if you had to ... Let's just say, without being super technical, let's say you spent a couple thousand dollars to obtain a client that may produce $12,000 for you if they hang around for I don't know, six months, a year, or something like that. That's not bad, right? But what happens if you lose that client the first month? You've already paid your staff, you've already paid for the marketing team, you paid for the advertising, you done all that stuff already, and now, because of communication, whether it be the sales consultant or those who work on the back end of it to help support the deals, you've lost it. So, all that to say, communication is freaking key. If you don't communicate well, it won't work out too long. And it's the same thing in relationships: If you do not communicate well, it won't work out. I've been in relationships myself, of course, and no fault of anyone else I'm saying here. I'm not here to play the blame game, doesn't do anything. But the relationships that did not last were the ones where the communication was horrible, horrible. My lovely wife who I am so honored to be with, who is an excellent communicator on so many freaking levels ... I think she should be teaching courses on it, actually. Communication is like so freaking important with her. So important. I see that carry out even in her business life, where everyone frickin' loves her. Everyone loves her where she works. She doesn't work with me, unfortunately. I think I move around a little bit too much for her, but ... And I want her to be around her family. We communicated about that, right? Man, this is one long walk here. I hope I'm not lost. Communication is key. Alright, I don't want to keep you on here too long while I am in the wilderness of ... I'm in Orange, California, and I think I'm heading over to Border Park, no, to Anaheim. Alright, this is [inaudible 00:16:31], we good. Looking forward to sharing everything I know. We are aiming for a billion dollars in sales. We're at 60 million right now, as of this recording. That's right, six zero. It's not about just making a whole bunch of money. But once we hit that: Oh my god, we're going to change so many other lives, sales consultants, staff. Also, we'll be helping a ton of businesses out at the same time. It's a beautiful thing, beautiful thing. I don't even think it's about ... It is about hitting a billion dollars, don't get me wrong. That is a goal. But I think it's the journey. Honestly, it's the journey. I'm not even really concerned about the money so much; I'm pretty confident that we'll hit that. But the journey to get there is what I'm really frickin' psyched out about. It's going to take so much for us to get there. Anyway, I'll talk more about that and some of the things that it takes to get there, some of the things that we're doing, some of the programs we're implementing so that if you have a business ... And this is not for big business. Remember ... Well, you didn't hit the first episode, you gotta go back to it and listen to it, but we started off super humble beginnings. When I say super humble beginnings, myself, I was an entire sales force. My partner told me that I could never get sick. He told me if I took a lunch, the entire company was shut down. Excuse me; I had to clear my throat. So I'll share more about that in the coming future. Alright, I'm walking under a bridge here; it's going to be dark anyway, so talk to you soon. Take acre. Bye bye.